Affiliate & Reselling

The most simple option available is the automated affiliate process described below. You can set up a product presentation or ad and put a link to an existing (customizable) Buy Now page, and receive commision via with automated commission tracking.

For advanced reselling options see section Reselling.


Become our affiliate partner and start offering our software products on your website or your shop. We'll pay you 25% of every purchase referred by your website. No initial investment is required, so you have no risk when signing up our program. Our affiliate program is managed by the third party company MyCommerce Share-It, which handles the order processing, billing, affiliate payment etc.  Extensive statistics will be available for you. The ShareIT channel is available for most of our products.

Affiliate through MyCommerce Share-It

ShareIT offers international language support and allows even customization of the order form to the needs of the affiliate. In most countries you can be paid out through a normal bank account. (Or always by check.) 

Setup Steps:

  • Register for an affiliate account at 
  • Generate the appropriate buy links through the affiliate account an put them on your web site
  • optional: customize the order page according your style. You can make it appear like your own selling page.
  • For affiliate purposes on your website you receive provisional permission to use and glue together graphics and text material found on the product pages of 
    (This permission maybe revoked in rare cases of abuse)


Custom reselling options are available, when significant selling volumes can be expected or when there is already an appropriate affiliate history. For more details please contact with some description of your business / web / project.