HarvEX :: Bid Posting Problem

" Bid Posting Problem : ' unknown server reply' / 'The parameter is incorrect' /"

Current Status:

  • For standalone bidding this problem is solved in build 222 
  • SE bidding : the problem is solved in build 223: ( Please re-synchronize your SE bids (SE Button) )

What can I do if problems still persist?

  • Update HarvEX to latest build : Menu/Config/Check for update
  • Retry bidding in case it is the symptom described above: 
    The error may be present only upon your first bid using HarvEX; 
    For testing try e.g. a low 1.00 bid on a valuable item.
  • Provide bug-report feedback about your Problem / System / Environment
  • problem 'unkown url type: https': Run latest full installer over existing installation (instead of incremental update)

How can I support in order to speed up the solution of such problem?

  • Provide your account data for an account which shows the bidding problem reproduceably to Xellsoft. We may make 1..3 low test bids using this account to solve the problem.
  • Go to your windows "temp"  folder (temporary files). It is the folder which you see
    in the browser address line when browsing an auction "cached" in HarvEX. There are *.bid.html
    log files: 1 to 5 files for each bidding task; usually 4. Maybe you could 
    mail me those 1..4 files corresponding to (only!) the latest failed bid (using 
    HarvEX latest build!).
    Which kind of auction fails (buy-now auction, prices)? Which Windows OS do you use?
    Which bidding mode is in use:fast bidding (best) or slow bidding (if fast is not possible with your eBay account)?
    Do you use a Proxy in IE or HarvEX/menu/config/network