"Software that grows towards your ideas"

Welcome to Xellsoft!

We focus on smart and extensible software tools in the area of network, data management and personal information. We also offer custom software development. Our software offers unique flexibility by enabling an extra degree of automation and connectivity via Macros, Python scripting, flexible interfaces and more.

Software Products

HarvEX / Turbo-Sniper :: Auction Automation Software for Bidders and Sellers (eBay)


HarvEX box image

SynchronEX box SynchronEX :: Smart File Synchronizer, Backup, FTP & WebDAV Software


Turbo-Mailer :: Bulk Mailer and Email List Processor for Newsletters and Circulars


  Turbo-Mailer box

Turbo Email Answer box Turbo-Email-Answer :: Template Based Email Answer & Autoresponder Software



Custom Software Development

We specialize in Python, Java & C++ tools. We develop custom software and offer consulting in the area of Internet & network technologies, databases, image processing, technical & scientific computing and embedded systems.