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Powerful Multi-Protocol File Synchronizer

Advanced Backup & Network Options

SynchronEX provides robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths in any situation: From laptop synchronization to scheduled periodic backup to incremental website upload. For Windows and Linux / Unix. It supports true synchronization of (re)moved files & folders, collision detection and advanced wildcard filters. More than 15 Wizards in the GUI make it very easy to setup projects. A simulation mode, flexible error levels, scriptable project files (built-in Python Script language), email notification options, a shell automation / command line interface for batch processing meet the needs of advanced users. A job scheduler, advanced logging features and super-project aggregation enable extensive automation. 

SynchronEX supports local paths / Windows UNC (SMB/CIFS), FTP, SFTP / SSH2, FTPS over TLS/SSL, WebDAV (DAV) over HTTP / HTTPS, seamless ZIP folder trees, GZ, file encryption (GPG, PGP) on the fly, integration of arbitrary external encoders / compressors, XVS auto-recording of past file versions & much more.

Key features:

  • Multi-directional file & folder tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths.
  • Stable and highly flexible software with multi-protocol support.
  • Optimized for automation. Easy Setup within Minutes.
  • GUI Frontend with Project Wizards, Exec-Kernel, Job Scheduler. 
  • Extra tools: Advanced file finder, duplicate files finder, empty directory finder & more
  • For Experts: Built-in macro/script language (Python), Batch interface.
Free Trial Download  | $19.95 - Pro: $29.90 | For Windows & Linux

Feature List (partial)

  • Robust backup, bi-directional and multi-directional file synchronization
  • Save simulation mode
  • Collision detection and consistent remove synchronization
  • Extensive include/ exclude masks for files & folders (wildcard support)
  • > 15 smart GUI wizards for easy project setup within minutes
  • Batch & script execution interface
  • Built-in scheduler ( integrating with Windows Job Scheduler )
  • Supports local paths & Windows UNC network paths
  • Supports FTP, X-FTP, WebDAV (HTTP)
  • Supports ZIP archives and intra-ZIP paths
  • Supports secure encrypted FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS)
  • Supports secure encrypted SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Supports secure DAV over HTTPS
  • Auto-compression (GZ / GZip) & Auto-encryption/batch-conversion - applicable on any other file system
  • Supports changeable media (MO, CD, Floppy, multi-folders)
  • Supports wide unicode path-names on unicode file system (NTFS,..)
  • Super-projects, multiple & nested synchronizations
  • Professional log files & statistics
  • Automatic file version tracking system (XVS) : auto-records historic versions of files
  • Automatic recycling file system
  • Extensible virtual file system architecture
  • Email notification after jobs / errors
  • Duplicate file finder & ultra file finder
  • Human editable / scriptable project configuration
  • Advanced automation / Built-in OO script language (Python)
    Example: customized rotating backups
  • Scales well from personal to enterprise applications



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Example Use Cases

Laptop/server-synchronization, local and network backup, rotating backup, incremental FTP upload of web sites, tracking the history of changed files automatically, synchronizing concurrently edited files with collision detection, incremental update of ZIP-Archives, download new photos from the digital camera, synchronizing MP3 player ...  more


Advanced Automation
(Scheduling, Batch Execution, Command Line, Scripting & Explorer Integration)

SynchronEX is optimized for automation. Every project can be run from GUI or from command line or as background scheduled job (integrated with standard Windows Job Scheduler). SynchronEX projects can be integrated into the Windows Explorer like shown below, thus jobs can be organized simply in windows link folders and can be simulated or executed quickly from the context menu of the project files. A key concept in SynchronEX is the support of human scriptable configuration project files, which can be edited by wizards or manually. The configuration project files can be extended into powerful object-oriented Python scripts. SynchronEX provides unique flexibility using this concept of "GUI + exec engine + script-language". The built-in Python language enables scripting of arbitrary complex tasks Example: A customized rotating backup. The project files are usually placed at the root of a file tree of interest. 

Most simple example of a project script:

# simple project script C:/texts/texts_laptop_sync.syncpy

roots = [ 'C:/texts', '//laptop/c/texts' ]
excludefiles_rel = ['*.bak', '*.obj', 'bigfile.doc']

Windows explorer integration : Kick of task with one click:

SynchronEX Explorer view     



Organize all your SynchronEX jobs as links in ordinary Windows folders:

  SynchronEX Explorer commands




Core Features:

  • Works on Local & Network Windows UNC paths, FTP, FTPS over SSL, SFTP/SSH (SSH File Transfer Protocol), DAV (WebDAV/HTTP/HTTPS), ZIP-archives & other virtual file systems (extensible)
  • GUI front end optimized for best overview: clear color codes, smart tree panels, smart sort, context menus
  • Core engine is command line, batch & scheduler callable - independent from GUI
  • 15+ GUI Wizards for different types of file transfer projects 
  • Human readable project configuration scripts, free scripting & programming
  • Simulation mode for save evolution of tasks ( "compare" & more )
  • Complete set of masks for excluding and including files and directories
  • Wildcards supported throughout the application for selecting/masking files and directories
  • One-way copy modes ( backup, target-only folders )
  • Consistent N-root synchronization : more than 2 synchronization roots possible
  • Collision detection of concurrent changes in synchronizations offers maximum safety for data; see also XVS
  • Consistent remove synchronization ("hard synchronization")
  • Versatile conditions: time, direction, ...
  • XVS file version tracking : keeps and tracks old versions of your files; completely automatic
  • Multiple jobs embeddable in one project; loop automation and script control
  • Super projects can call other projects for automating a set of jobs; parameters inheritable
  • Nested synchronization consistent - a synchronization target root may be a subdirectory of a source root
  • Reporting, Statistics & Log-Files, Verbose modes, tricky GUI browser with powerful sort modes and partial tree selection for maximum overview
  • Command line options can override configuration parameters
  • Sophisticated built-in more-filter for command line execution (page, follow & stop)
  • Python scriptable project file format - easy to maintain, easy to automate

Built-In Protocols / File Systems:

  • Fast Incremental FTP upload : automated upload solution, which enables uploading the changed files & directories most effectively. Best for homepage and web site upload. Handles ASCII transfer and executable flags (e.g. for CGI scripts) for files selected by masks. Uses a local shadow folder for speedy computation of changed files for incremental upload.
  • Bi-directional X-FTP file system which preserves original file time stamps.
  • secure encrypted FTP: FTPS (FTP over SSL)
  • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • ZIP / Intra-ZIP file system: Target folders may be zip archives or even intra-zip folders
  • WebDAV over HTTP / HTTPS (SSL) file system. WebDAV ist for example supported by Apache with mod_dav. DAV shares are also called "Webfolders". An example for a DAV root URL is: This is an ideal solution for WAN synchronization
  • Virtual file system for changeable/limited media ( e.g. backup on multiple CD/MO/Floppy/Setup-Folders) : enables size control, wait for media change & much more
  • Auto-compression (GZ / GZip) - applicable on any other file system
  • Auto-encryption & batch-conversion (e.g. GPG or any other stream en/-decoder with commandline interface) - applicable on any other file system
  • Extensible virtual file system architecture

Extra Tools:

  • Duplicate file finder - powerful graphical tool; combinable criteria (filename, size, time, content, exact), tricky sort modes, complete set of exclude and include masks
  • Empty directory finder
  • XVS cleanup tool make it easy to free disk space used by XVS version tracking.
  • Python Programming API for free handling of file collections (released & documented soon)


A Less Simple Project Script Example

# Project script C:/src/mysrc/test.syncpy

roots = ['.', '//remote/sub/dir', 'd:/backup/src_ftp_shadow']
roots_no_src = [2]
# 2 means root 'd:/backup/mysrc' is target only
shadow_copy = { 2 : 'ftp://user@myserver.dom/subdir' }
# file changing actions on the "fast-compare" folder
# 'd:/backup/src_ftp_shadow' are replicated to the "real"
# ftp target folder

excludefiles_rel = ['*.syncpy', '*.tmp', '*.bak', '~$*']
includefiles_rel = ['my*.tmp','special.bak']
killfiles_rel = ['*.bak']
excludefiles_abs = ['dist/myexe.exe']
excludedirs_rel = ['_*', 'CVS', 'tmp']
excludedirs_abs = ['data/database']
thres_time = "1.1.2002/14:00"
syncdb = 1

sub_syncs = ['somewhereelse/test2.syncpy', 'D:/data/backup.syncpy]
# these projects are run in addition after this one

See more script examples.


Notes on Reliability

SynchronEX is usually used on valuable files. We take extra care in order to ensure the outstanding reliability of this software:

  • SynchronEX delivers itself to this site: Xellsoft itself uses SynchronEX for all work related to backup, computer/file synchronization, Website FTP upload work (e.g. the page you are reading right now), automatic version tracking (XVS), file system maintenance.
  • Extensive automated tests. Especially the core engine has to stand massive attacks before being released.
  • Extensive beta test cycles
  • Unique concepts for enabling extra robustness: Synchronization database for consistent collision detection, XVS version tracking (journaling file system).
  • The architecture of SynchronEX is unitized: Core engine + GUI front end. A clean internal interface enforces an extremely robust core engine.
  • The core synchronizer engine is considered as "holy" part : extra intense testing and slow development cycle.
  • SynchronEX incorporates multi-year know-how for handling even extreme situations with greatest consistency: E.g. cable interrupts, OS crash during copy, OS signals & interrupts, broken FTP connections, etc. 
  • SynchronEX uses Xellsofts powerful exception handling and sandbox technology for handling even unexpected errors smartly. 
  • SynchronEX was originally created, because other existing tools where seriously lacking robustness and features. SynchronEX is still the only tool we know to act correct & consistent, when it comes to remove synchronization, collisions, incremental FTP, healing interrupted file transfers, rolling back historic versions of files, etc.


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Download  &  Update

Note: The installers for trial version and full version are identical. A trial version is converted to full version by inserting the license key into the software.

Windows version of SynchronEX:

The current Windows release is V4.0: SynchronEX-Setup.exe
Later releases can be simply installed over existing ones. Uninstalling a previous release is not necessary.

Change-Log (describes recent changes)

Linux version of SynchronEX:

Download SynchronEX for Linux v4  (tgz-archive )

Readme & Installation : SYNCHRONEX_README_LINUX.TXT  (included in download package)

Change-Log (describes recent changes)

Downloading SynchronEX on Linux by command line:

linux:~# wget

Note: For running the SynchronEX Windows GUI via Wine on Linux/MAC you may need to install this MFC DLL(zip archive) into the "Windows/system32" folder or into the SynchronEX program folder.



Buy SynchronEX

SynchronEX has to be purchased after a trial period of 14 days. There are 2 license levels for Windows users (SynchronEX and SynchronEX+) and one license level (SynchronEX+) for UNIX/Linux. See also Multiple Licenses at reduced prices.

Purchasing a license includes:

  • License key for using SynchronEX on one machine for unlimited time

  • Email support

  • Free software updates throughout the major release 4.x

Feature Comparison /
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for Windows
for Windows
for Linux & Windows
Basic Functions and Features
Local Synchronization 

Windows Network Synchronization (UNC)
ZIP File / Intra-ZIP File System

Fast Incremental FTP upload, XFTP and WebDAV/HTTP
Free Software Updates during Major Release 4
Email Support
XVS Version Tracking / Journaling File System XVS -
HTTPS: Secure WebDAV over SSL/TLS -
FTPS: Secure FTP over SSL -
SFTP: SSH(2) File Transfer Protocol -
RCY File System: Records changed files in recycle-bin. RCY -
GZip Auto-Compression on any other file system. IGZ -
Transparent Encryption on any other file system. IENC -
Graphical Duplicate File Finder & Ultra File Finder - ()
Unix: no GUI
Shadow copy feature for creating difference trees
Extended script API -
Comments     Includes a Windows License


Price /
PayPal Buy Now US$
Single User License
US$ 19.95

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US$ 29.90

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Digital delivery through email immediately after payment validation.
The registration key is delivered by email immediately after validation of payment. Please allow a few minutes until email servers flush through. You'll receive a registration key to be entered in the registration dialog box: Menu/Config/Enter License Key


Buy Multiple Licenses of SynchronEX

We offer multiple licenses with volume discount. The setup of multiple licenses can be automated in order to facilitate software deployment in your organization.

Number of licenses SynchronEX for Windows
Price [US$] per user
SynchronEX+ for Windows
Price [US$] per user
SynchronEX+ for Linux & Windows
Price [US$] per user
1 .. 4 19.95
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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
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5 .. 24 15.00 22.50 25.00
25 .. 99 12.00 18.00 20.00
From 100 10.00 15.00 17.00
Buy Multiple Licenses with Volume Discount

For questions, for sale on account (established companies), or for other methods of ordering multiple licenses please contact License reselling is possible.


  • The price for an upgrade from a previous SynchronEX version to SynchronEX 5 is 15.00$ / 15.00€
    Pay using PayPal here [$] or here [€].
  • The price for an update from (previous or current) SynchronEX version to SynchronEX+ 5 is 20.00$ / 20.00€
    Pay using PayPal here [$] or here [€].
  • Include your current license key into the PayPal payment notification text or email it to  
  • You'll receive a new license key (we process manually)

Note on SynchronEX+ for Linux

  • The Linux license includes a Windows license (key works for both OS) as long as it is used on the same machine (Dual Boot, VMWare, ...).

  • The Linux software includes no GUI so far. However the Windows tool can be used to prepare projects using a GUI. 

  • The Linux license can be used by multiple users (terminals) as long as the executable is executed on one host (CPU). 

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP / 2000 or higher
    • Linux
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Display: 800 x 600
  • Disk: 20 MB free disk space