SELLING_BOOSTER : Power Macro for HarvEX+ 

Auction-Selling-Booster & After-Auction-Mailer 

Boosts auction prices by kind of real-time auction CRM mailings.

The profit of (eBay) selling is contained in the last steps of the price ladder !

  • SELLING_BOOSTER has shown in past to raise selling prices by 5% .. 100% depending on the nature of sold goods.
  • SELLING_BOOSTER sends personalized thanks-for-bidding emails and auction-ends-soon-reminder emails from you to each bidder (uses MS Outlook)
  • SELLING_BOOSTER can also do your after-auction mailings - personalized to winners, to non-winners and to reserve-not-met high-bidders
  • SELLING_BOOSTER collects all the email addresses of all bidders (winning & non-winning as long as the bidders were once high-bidders during the race). Addresses can also be used for example by TurboMailer
  • SELLING_BOOSTER runs standalone - no extra periodic costs
  • SELLING_BOOSTER runs on top of the leading universal eBay/auction automation platform software HarvEX+, which enables also bulk search, analysis, statistics, emailing, feedback, auction sniping and universal macro automation
  • Buying SELLING_BOOSTER includes the macro source code

  Free Trial | US$149 | For Windows™ 98,ME,NT,2000,3000 & XP

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Installation & Quick-Start



System Requirements

  • Your computer & HarvEX+ have to run permanently for automatic background execution of its task
  • Your computer has to have a permanent internet connection (fast DSL/cable and a flat rate are recommended)

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  • Unlimited full-version of the macro SELLING_BOOSTER
  • The Source-Code of the macro (Copyright remains at

The price of SELLING_BOOSTER is US$ 149.

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Installation und Quickstart

  1. Installation of HarvEX+; Download :: Download Free Trial

  2. Save the SELLING_BOOSTER macro to disk
  3. Load the macro : Menu/File/Load a Macro

  4. Execute the macro once: You'll see an extra "SellingBooster" menu

  5. Be sure to have MS Outlook installed and set up
  6. Set up the configuration and email templates: Menu/SellingBooster/SB Main Configuration; for first test please don't activate the direct email sending for any events => mails go to the Outlook draft folder
  7. Activate Menu/SellingBooster/Start Task! 
    The macro runs in background now. Check the log output