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In order to enable fast and efficient support, please provide relevant details about your case and context:

  • First check the FAQ of the software. (Menu/Help/FAQ)
  • What is the Version/Build Number of the software? (Menu/Help/About) 
  • Which kind of "non-function" is it? Is there an Error Message? (Maybe you can make a (small) screenshot (piece)) 
  • Is the error reproducible? ( "Error occurs only/mainly when I do ... " )
  • If possible, provide relevant software log data, test URLs, an other useful details.
  • Which Operating System (Version) do you use? Which kind of computer: memory size, dual core, ... What is maybe special? 
  • What kind of network setup do you use: 
    Permanent network, Analog Modem, DSL, Cable, auto-routed / manual dial-up  ... ? 
    Do you use a proxy server and is the software configured to use the proxy?
    Do you use a firewall and are at least the relevant outgoing ports (HTTP[80], HTTPS[443], FTP[21], NTP[123], SMTP[25] ..) enabled for the software?
  • Special software settings / program configuration / scripts ?

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